Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Second by second
Step by step
Heartbeat by heartbeat
I entered the door
And suddenly i was lost
In a world i haven't been before

Inch by inch
A smile from an unknown man
Turned into a warm smile
It welcomed me at the entrance
Of the Zetland Hall.

So unnbriddled were my feelings
And intensed was the turbulence
That set ablaze in my every nerves
Although it was three degrees that night.

I passed the table of ladies and gents
Drinking wines,laughing
Waiting for the others

I walked in silent feet
On the other side of the table

I never knew why my heart 
My stupid heart throbs odd that night
Making my feet froze in my shoes
Until I was invited to the light
And joined the ladies on the other table
The natural art of my essence flows normally
With every zip of white wine
Little by little i felt fine

Time creeps but even the word time itself,
I totally forgot 
As i indulged myself to the splendid,
gratifying conversations with Andrea
And with ever cordial and soft-spoken Julia
with a glass of wine...

And all my love burned
When in a glance I spotted him
Oh,but my all,the love of my life
Everything stopped except him smiling at me
And the rhapsodic song began to play

Introductions came but hey!
I forgot the names of some
After the roasting, melting hugs and kisses
From the love of my life

Hand in hand we entered the banquet hall
Oh! But heaven only knew the balls of  crystal bliss
Glistening at the tip of my brows.

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