Monday, October 25, 2010

Missing Home,Missing Philippines (From the heart of a Domestic Worker)

Fragrant joy
of better days

Here i am again
Trying to relive the sweet memories
of me and my family,

Here i am..
hurting more and more,
fading away like a word
from the lump of the world,
dimming away from the lights
of the only lamp hanging tonight
on the roof of the earth.

Such pain I pulled
out my painful days,my painful days...
they were devoured with pain...

On this cutting time,
the inimicable
of the wind's wave,
drags me to the core of te darkness.

My exhausted hands
the only spiraling lights
from the memories of better days...
Gone! the hardships that i had whispered
and carried out to the wind
the one that they easily forgotten
cast...left to the unknown

Gone...gone were those days
i felt like I'm a best kept secret
or a spider hunting,
phoenix rising...

for i was left alone;
a tangled helpless fly,
a mouse clutched in its claws...
ojust a filthy lie...

Lie,such a sad word
I lied if i say,"im okay"

I am trapped among the debris
that humanity ardently embraces
in twisted virtue abd principles...

Since the day the sole of my feet touched
the busy land of Hong Kong
until now...
I am nothing...

Yes,I am nothing to the one's
who never heared my cries
but rather rejoice,feasting while
drinking the wines of their Gods-Carlo Rossi,
working to death,
stuck in the darkness...
But i know...

Within this darkness lies the rays of the moonlight
illuminating the picture of my aunt,
my siblings and my father...

Back in our little home,
in my beloved homeland:

In there I am everything!

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