Sunday, October 17, 2010

By the River of Shatin

I found no darkness tonight
for you are sitting next to me...

Most precious breath of the night;
Mi Amor,
I am inhaling you inside me...

The sound of your voice;
My love,
penetrates my deep cuts;
cleansed them by its spellbinding ways...

On this parapsychological night
strange indeed,but

I astonishingly found myself
placed so gentle in a moment
well-founded than the Order of the Garter.

Oh love,heavens bless us tonight!
Each nerves,each bones of mine
performs its task in harmony with my heartbeat,
so gentle everytime your mellow touches fill me.

Just looking st you tonight,
each facet of your being
is an enthrallment...

Everytime your zealous eyes stare at me
It kindle the fire of courage in my within
to be the best woman that i can be
for you...

I am uniquely entrapped
to the echanter of such person as you
And never will i wish some metamorphosis of time...

For tonight,
from this very moment...

I willingly,not under orders will stay this way
In love with you for eternity
Mi Amor.


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