Friday, July 23, 2010

Unsent Letter (poem)

I watch your photos every minute
and talk to you in silence
Time tells me you can't hear me
because you're gone maybe gone in one of its ticks but
not in every beat of my heart.

I miss you terribly...

I'm well...
it only hurts...
when I breath...

thinking of you;
the one i believed
my soul mate.

When you came into my life
i told myself i would
love you and never
will I forsake you.

You were my best friend,
my dream come true..
my everything...

until yesterday you said,
"Us is finished."

It unfolds the truth about
how you really feel inside-
You never really loved me.

It was easy for you to leave
without saying to me eye to eye
the word "goodbye"

My life has changed at that very moment
I forget the works i need to do...
i found myself on the floor,
crying hard..yelling..why???

I am alright...
it only hurts...
when I breath and
revive the time
you promised
to take good care of my heart

You've taught me how to value myself
the moment you put me on pedestal
if only I knew,last tuesday night
would be our last night together
I should have held you tight...

Now i'm back again...
to the place where you once took me...

whence could I mend
this bruised heart
when it feels like
it can't love again?

The grief i am feeling
is unending.

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