Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Love Letter to Stewart 46

The carnation lips
creates serenading sound,
sweet hummings;
little angels songs
i hear at dawn.

Cheerubs were singing
with wings spread out,
heads up and with smiling eyes
to heaven.

I move a little to feel,
to prove if its real.

While my eyes were still close,
my ears were clapping
to a soft whispers of gentle air-
then a kiss-
and a good morning.

The minute i open my eyes,
i saw him-the love of my life,
with a smile that could erase the word 'catastrophe'.

How fortunate I am to wake up in his arms!
To be held by him tightly,
is one of my greatest fantasies.

I wonder what's behind his stares,
his laugh,
his sighs...

as i lie next to him,

He might be thinking of me with him,
dreaming of me with him...
from today and the rest of our lives
T O G E T H E R...

like what i am thinking
at this very moment
as i lie next to him...

and kiss him good morning.

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