Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Black Demise

I gaze in the murky skyline,
I remember the Night,we had walked
and experienced its enchantiing powers
I felt the assurance in your eyes
that tells me to believe in love.

And in every point in time,I
dive to the honesty of your words
Now i couldnt look straight
to the somber horizon
because my love...

You are not here
and will never be with me again
It's only me and my broken heart
If only you will feel
the pain in every cries when I think of you,
the words in my heart that remains unspoken
But my love,you are not here.

I wish you'll try to close your eyes
and listen to the desire of your heart
eventhough the pains blocked my heart
and the wall of our seperation is thick,
I never stop thinking and loving you

if you found someone who loves you
makes sure that she'll stay until the end of time
because my heart will be torn apart
If i will know you're not being cared and loved.

My next days will be darker than tonight
knowing that I wont be able to wake up in your arms
My cold palms slowly wipe my tears
In a glimpse of Us that will never be again...

Here i am wandering in a serpentine road
emotionally and mentally beaten
Feeling and counting my salted wounds at 26

I decided to stay away and perished
 in the clouds of painful existence.

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