Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Love Letter to Stewart 43

If I could hold you in my arms right now
Will you close your eyes?
Will you comfortably lie your head on my chest?

If I could look at you with all my heart right now
Will you/would you giggle babe?
Will you stare at me with contentment?

The sky that covers our world
is a different blue my love
It preserves the joy we felt when we hug,
when we silently sit and hear our heartbeats,
when we ran out of breath after a long,steamy kiss.

Oh,if I could hold you in my arms right now
I know the color of our sky will be a different blue

It's been TEN YEARS since I locked my arms around your neck
(Although TEN YEARS means TWO DAYS AGO)
'til next century my love (Where a century means three days from now)

                                    M          I            S          S       
                                                                                            Y         O         U!

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