Friday, July 16, 2010

A Love Letter to Stewart 48

Branches canopied the road
where I stood
beneath the binding path
from my heart to yours;
infinite love,never to part-

Silvered tears etching daggers down my face
My very soul quakes
thinking of your honeyed words
turned to.....anger.

Do I still have the courage to fight?
Should I drop everything and leave?

Time drifts.....
Slated clouds amass
covering the warming solar light.
I struggled to rise from the salted streams
In a twist of fate
You are so cold..Frigid...
is leaving me.....

I gaze to the periwinkle sky
A sudden gust of wind cleansed my mind
Eyes closed,soul opened...
i surrender to the feeling...

No,I wont give up
I'll fight for our love.....

Warm embraces of words take flight
Pinprick light of hope appears
as my prayers reached the ears of fate.

Both my heart and soul,I trust you to hold...
landscape shifts,brilliant colors gracing trees...
It's perfect and touches me deep
the first thing in the morning,
You beg.....

me to take you back,
me for you to love me next to God
as your young and naughty wife,

to bask me in your shimmering glow
and be worshipped by you every moment
as your Princess Silly Goose...

Ours is an infinite love,
never to part~