Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Love Letter to Stewart 47

A light breeze dances over my arms
awash in sunlight's pale glow

your picture tuck the lock in my heart,
your soft,sweet voice lingering in my ears...
creating stray curl to brush my cheek,

The first feeling of pleasure traced along my soul
awakening me to the miracle of your heart,
mind and body entwined with mine.

Have you really found me?...
Or am I just dreaming?

Does true soul consuming,dream inspiring love really exist?
A love that flows unconditionally?
A love you can feel renewing you like roses on bloom?

Or is love just an illusion?
A barren emotion consisting of lost dreams
and unfound futures?

Here in the plain window
where i rest my arms,
my mind is so confused.

They say Love is more than just a word,
it should be a way of life.....
Love experienced right should never be painful.

But the kind of love im feeling right now
is the one that makes me feel im just anyone...
you are walking away from me again-

Love at this very moment is very painful.

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