Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Love Letter to Stewart 50

The lights fall
taken away by the darkness
kaleidoscopic images of
blissful events
and beneficent people
flow in constant stream;
a train of colorful moments
changing levels
with every little twist
of latent cerebration.

My mettle glows,rises...
perplexing emotion cascaded
in every atom of my nerves,
sending quivers to the sheets;
a silent witness to passion.

An irrisistable fire ablaze
in a second that
your elbow ignites in mine...
soultry whispers
filled the night...
in every torrid kisses,
pungent touches,
fiery strokes...

two lusciuos bodies
burning fervor,
emitting love,

under the metaphorical heaven,
another heavenly,
and psychedelic moment
has been added
to my cognizance.

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