Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Glimpse of Althea's Yesterday

(the battle against Dengue Fever-true story)

As daylight starts to wane
so as the strenght in her eyes
No more voice could be heared
from what was once a pinkish lips
that turned into a deathly sallow.

Ebon clouds seems so strong,
coating the vastness of heaven
Skyline to skyline looks like
no dimutive ray of light to be seen.

She started to puke and excrete
copper-colored vital fluid and
her mother that held her dearly
silently scream inside at her guise;
swollen muscles,pale face...ailing.

Her blood platelet counts drop
From hospital to hospital they travel
to save her precious life.
The poor litte girl Althea...
fighting with her best to live.

Night descends slowly
and every minute that pass was

a torture to the hearts of her family.
Will she make it?
The doctor said it was a fifty-fifty chance.

Sweat mixed with nervous rise
permeating the air of the corridor
outside the crowded Emergency Room
The long hours of the evening
wrapped everyone in its bejeweled onyx cloak.

Such strength shrink
in the transcendental darkness
As series of test was being conducted
lively voices stumble...sweet words
invades the thoughts of many...
A glimpse of Althea's yestersday...

A cheerful Althea completely different
from the girl lying on the stretcher
The moment was...falling...losing...
until...the cockcrowing came and
Althea's blood platelets

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