Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In the Heart of the Mother of All Scams

THEY, of stammering lips stance...
struggled to meet subservience
on the far side of poverty's dilemma
...see lurid dark in the brightness of the day.

THEY, of little, dried and skinny bodies
hugged the spasm of reality
chained to their feeling of appetency
...yawn feebly to the tail of the day.

THEY, of spirits reside in the crack lands
sought to obtain compliance
in the hands of their authorities, but....
...found atrocious anomalies.

THEM, of polished brains, grew
...the avaricious swines THEY turned into,
drilled holes on the peckish bellies
of the indigent children of Uttar Pradesh.

Nailed, THEY were robbed of rights
as hegemony belonged to THEM
THEY lost their tongues, they lost their sight
ignorance...shut their lips.

And night, springs that of screams
In most countries it seems....

Is an.....

Oh so disgusting...
and ever growing


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