Friday, March 18, 2011

I Came too Close in Saying Goodbye

I can't say goodbye to you
No matter how I tried
You're such a part of me
Without you,I would die
Deep in the heart of me
I know that You and I
Were meant to be together
I can't tell you goodbye
-Helen Reddy-

It's funny how sudden
Love turned to Hate
Cursing was my last option
but then,a tiny little voice inside me
Isn't this man taught you how to be strong?

I can't believe what I could give
Courage rises from the ashes of outrage
I sink a little,hurt a lot,but I live
for You;my Avatar of Strength
Existence is one spicy crippled twists
Said some of my gray-haired buddies

No matter how I tried
to make a step and give up
I can't

I simply can't Dad
How can I give up a part of me?
How can I give up a wanderer
meant to conquer my dreams...
a star conceived to dominate my quintessence?

In your eyes rests the basis of my existence
In your smile I acquired strength
to love you more

So how can I say goodbye to the sun of my universe?

I won't...I can't

I love my Husband.

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