Friday, March 18, 2011

In Cimmirian Winds

The frozen stream of my realm 
took a deep breath 
and chants welcome the morn with calm 
peace soothed the core 
of my feed up soul 

The casting of light beams 
took over the darkish dim 
A dramatic scene sparkling... 

at the edge of my wearing lashes 
phoenixes soar,flaming 
Ever daring 
So many of them 
danced with the doves... 

exquisite movements 
stained by the strain of my silence 

In a kick of the tide, 
reality bites! 

I sit my concealing heart 
so intensely wounded 
that I.... 

I wept. 

I dreamt within my solitary dream 
hoping my amber eyes 
found solace with a springtime's grace 
But,sadly,the very core of my sighs 
shouted it was all a murky guise... 

Hands closed tightly and fractured, 
fighting against simple desires... 
that can't be mine. 

How long still I would wait, 
immersed here in Cimmerian winds, 
challenging the violent windstorm 
for a little smile beyond the norm?

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