Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Love Note to Stewart 6


as long as my warm beating heart sings songs only us knows.I wont as for more.The questions that used to bother me,used to blur my views of the future are now being answered.You are now with me.And in your smiles,in your gentle voice,in you...with you...i found the answers.You are the missing part that completes my today and my future.God knows the beauty that lies beyond the glowing heaven.But when I see you smile,because of my simple silly ways,I think I have glimpsed the beauty of paradise.There are moments that i'm running out of words to express how much i love you.Moments like now.Here i am holding my pen and paper for hours and still i cant start to write a poem.Sometimes,I wonder if i have lost my poetic talent.Because i cant scribble the right lines to describe the splendid moments we shared. Blissful...Sacred...or Heavenly are NOT enough my love because you have graced me a feeling beyond words.My shining star in the galaxy,that's what you are to me Sweetheart,bearer of my universe.And yet again i failed to puzzle perfectly the words that i wanted to say.But you know I LOVE YOU always in ALL WAYS.

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