Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear Husband

As the sunrise delivers tender glow
you awaken the innocence in me
to offer your smile
no need to say a word
i fully understand the language of your heart

As the day strengthen, taking in whirlwinds
i fall down...i failed...shoved
by the delicious veiled coy of a wink
my extorted thoughts boil
you speak, and all things became clear

As the early warmth begins
i allowed the substance of your words
to test my satin limbs
i dare again to savor the sting of downfall
for as long as in this instance, you're there

As midnight get comfort from the moon
so as I from You
nightime gives off her cotton sheets
so comforting like every lavish inch of your love
a treasure of some sort I cannot name

As i release soft breathing
it goes with my secret prayers
i thank heaven for the gift of you
you are my husband, my best friend...
you nurture me, guide me, and love me selflessly.

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