Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Love

glowing in grand desire
under the roof of the night 
the bliss reaching my heart
 I sit...

oh how your smile took over 
your lips so luscious, sensual and revealing
joy growing rapidly upon my enthralled soul
as each drop of joy appears
from the curve of your lips
to become one with my sparkling eyes

embracing delightful destiny
the longing wild and precious
with tense breath
I sing...

Oh how my nerves shiver
pleased with the strike of your gaze
within my marrow it thrust intently
familiarizing my unique substance
those eyes soulful and tender
enlivening that comatose piece of me

analyzing our designed paths
we fit together 
on time destined for us
I give in...

upon this dearest moment 
my heart placed in stunning wonder
my long black hair sways in glee 
cheeks blush in surprising rapture
binding in the inevitable promises
with rhapsody gliding on the borders

finding for an answer 
the love exuding through mental analysis
with face florid and blessed
I trust...

Oh how our gazes entangled
when you softly turn and meet my eyes again
sealing eternity underneath strong desires
 entrancing, flourishing, stunning, promising
eyes glowing in full contentment
until you whisper my name in pure reverence

glistening in fluttering heart
under the roof of the night 
the joy reaching my soul
I love...

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