Friday, July 12, 2013

R.I.P. Charlie

once you lived in paradise 
with us, and we explored 
the rugged life together 
where sunbeams were blurred

Underneath the murky sky
our love laced the rough course
sometimes the turns were on our side 
sometimes not...but no remorse

We stayed strong for one another 
brushing our hearts with sublime pleasure 
not allowing our travails to let us bleed
until the sunshine blessed our demeanor 

You especially...kept us happy
when Maggie decided to vanish
our only king left was you
and rest in peace

A single tear of sorrow 
fell down my cheek
looking at your favorite sofa
without you sitting meek

Rest in peace dear Charlie 
you had taught us the world is wide
and we can only understand love and pain
if we will let you go now to the other side. 

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