Monday, July 1, 2013

Sincerely Inlove

Engulf me in your eyes of fire
for I'll tame your lust forever
being placed on a pedestal
love alone, fathoms it's limits

Touch me with your seductive voice
make me to never discount this choice
within this beatific connection
I give in, to your sweet paradise

Kiss me, with your natural modesty
for what amount would tally
upon such explicit devotion
a kind of wonder I cannot tell

Read me, with your most caring essence
behold the substance of each sentence
genuine passion forming paragraphs
yielding scrolls of our endless romance

Love me, let me live within your breathing
so I'll get to know your every little thing
to softly cradle your tender tides
not with gold in my pocket but with a loving heart

There is no avoiding the anticipated
There is no demand of withdrawal
There is no repressing destiny
I am love.

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