Monday, July 1, 2013

Hope~~~~ in Banal Vacuity

In this starless night
i listen to desertion
a medley of solitude
dropkick harmonies
an unexpected nightmares

as pitch darkness reigns
and totally envelopes the room
i hear diverse views
of every pieces of me.....
futile poisons

I know what you wish
me in the hands of vultures
and you in splendid silence
so sorely distant......
your abstract choice

another unison with loneliness
such banal vacuity
i am a sideswiped carcass again
expelled from the ideal world
in funereal fortune

I need some fine discharge
a tear or more perhaps
an elegant fall off
of a thorn-less rose
in callous solemnness

somewhere deep within me
a small falsetto emerged
a hopeful voice not powerful
but enough to enchant in silken honesty
a reason to keep on.

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