Monday, July 1, 2013

Midsummer Bleed

You've cut the barb wire
from the misery
time had stowed upon me
in one soft touch of your voice
with tender love
has gone deeply...

the glamour of your stares
feeling of boundless felicity
sparkled constantly in my soft brows
beyond my wildest dreams...
my heart had shone in glorious bliss

in every precious smile I got
your lucid and angelic...yearnings
mirrored the image of your delighted heart
those sublime and cherished moments...

I know it is foolish to recall
each delicate puzzle
without opening the wounds again inside me
you, with your true love
dwelling in every piece of me
every seconds, I miss you

My heart recites, its pool of blues
covert to the carnal world
which drained its psychedelic beauty
since I failed in the clouds of defeat
over the wicked reality and lost you...

I wonder when will I stop to wander
when or where to settle my weary soul
you see, I'm scared to expect or  go on
my heart has had enough

Can you taste the harsh emptiness now?
This sweet delusion and divine sorrow
the impeccable road of misfortune
this path is hard to travel
without your care and reverence
without you...if not you...

I'm lost in the hands of despondency
and I hope in appropriate time
I will get to apprehend
the loving tone of your voice
and feel your undeniably sweet love again.

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