Friday, May 24, 2013

My Sweetheart

My Sweetheart,
 take me to the pinnacle of your dreams...
 I'll transpose them into reality.
 when two destined souls
bump into their inevitable destiny...
 from despondency surged contentment
from vacuity grew inspiration
from loneliness came euphoria...
 the unyielding, sacred seams
of our hearts
locked the bygones
releasing fresh passage
of a poetical romance
the vacuous hearts we once had
we will fill with warmth
acquiescing bliss to often flow
inducing subtle goosebumps...awakening
for those who connect with our elysium...
 our gift, promising and resplendent
seducing every second to melt jocundly
to intensely poetized our soulful eyes,
felicity fires our lips without fail
for doting words to cling our fluttering hearts...
 to devotedly love endlessly,
to be with in suffering and serenity,
to hold hands in assurance and uncertainty...

for the destined souls,
dreams do come true.
 So, Sweetheart
 take me to pinnacle of your dreams...

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