Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cura Perpetuum

Burried in strenous chore
the hymn goes through my ears
with depleted mind
I sit...
Oh how your cheer took over
your words rich, devoted and appeasing
song slipping gently into my aroused heart
mid each dash of perfection stretch
from the curves of your lips
to console the weariness...cura perpetuum.
Overthrowing minor work
the rapport longing but sweet
with the serene reclining
you rub...
Oh how my eyes shut
smirking through each care of your silver words
on my yearning marrow they pour devoutly
quenching my common thirst
those words candid but thoughtful 
healing my very weak bits...cura perpetuum.
Rolling up my sleeves
important files on my desk
to the rented breathing spell
I give in... 
Cloaked in the dimness
I stretch my left foot on top of the other
sedative glide through my back
my head against interlocked fingers
savoring tender attention
burning bond locking souls...cura perpertuum.
Perceiving St. Michael's antidote
requiescence hightened per minute
with closing of my eyelids
I breathe...
Oh how minutes melt
when I think of you and whisper prose
entwining my heart with my airy soul
transmitting the beams of our zeal
lips moving to amusing curvature
until I breathe you inside me...cura perpetuum.
True, my cure forever
in common place tomorrow
my weariness
your gentleness
our momentousness
and treasured
with cura perpetuum.

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