Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You Are My Beautiful Poetry

The promise of hope is pouring it's gifts,
their blessings astound my stillness keep
And i am smacked by questioning;
Willl I be guided
if things don't befall to plan?

The magnitude of pigments perform in my mind
and amidst that display,
I am knocked speechless
Yet speechless, beyond doubt I can denote
the naked poetic chemistry
in the excitement of our souls.

I smile into the calmness
The fairness takes it's toll
A love that is a bliss is granted to me,
Ardent wind lifts me high
But still I am speechless

For you to dance me to the moonlit's end
To scribe tender words on painted walls
Signs of our beatitudes
Pleasant songs of my contentment

Exhale in serenity
A pleasure so right on
Indeed, it's a blissful strife
in the battle of life
To have someone destined to own.

And if we'll be smacked by questioning;
Will we be guided
if things don't befall to plan?
That magical reality, life
is still full of rhythmic lines, regardless.

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