Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Light of Day

After the light of day
was swallowed by the darkness
and the little cheerubs,
our endeared babies received hugs,
kisses and were laid gently
on their equisite rooms...

Somewhere in India
there are vulnerable teenagers
screaming their hearts silently,
shedding their tears of fugitive cruelty...

one man after the other
ruined their innocence...

They are the abused teenagers
hidden within the beaming radius
of the NH-8 Mahipalpur
in the cimmerean shade of India

Yes, their will were cripled
such an unattered bleed...


The trick of the stinging fate
rivet them to the bitter whirlpool of hell,


and after the light of day cast
playing hide and seek on the frame
along NH-8 Mahipalpur
in the cimmerian shade of India still...

Only the aching  sighs from the sore faces left
To kill.

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