Sunday, November 20, 2011

a poem from the lilttle novel i am currently working ("',)

The tiny sweet rain drops poured
And the world begun to wonder
Will her lonely heart be healed?
Or will it continue to wander?

She traveled on the land of snow
And breathe the winter air
When will her world be set aglow?
Where’s the key to end her despair?

Oh princess of the gloomy noon
Oh damsel of the ire
Where is your prince, will he come soon?
Will he come with a pyre?

The wind has come then goes and come
And yet no prince had come
Will she still hold to his falseness?
And be racked to love’s disease?

Who knows what does her heart desires
Or does her heart still live?
Albeit the fact that she never tires
Yet what steam rises on a heart ‘twas caved?

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